Photographer's Brief - Clean Sharp Graphic Images
We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.




London City of Ghosts

Another day in London. We started off at Harrods, then met up with friends at a local pub on the Thames. On crossing the Millenium Bridge, I decided to shoot and reflect on the impact of my tube experience. The tube system is a well oiled machine. The interesting thing for me is that no one talks on the tube, no communication what so even, almost as if London is infested with a city of ghosts. This was a 16sec exposure. To completely remove all semblance of human life, I’d need to shoot at well over a minute.



An Airport for Trains

This is Saint Pancras Train Station. The stations in London are huge. I had to shoot this area, and considered capturing a number of different exposures in case I went down the HDR track. Not needed in this case as I managed to include all tones in one image.


Palace of Westminster

First day in London we experienced typical overcast and drizzly conditions. Using a graduated ND filter and a ND filter I managed to get a 32 sec exposure at midday of the Palace of Westminster. Hopefully conditions improve tomorrow. 



Time to Travel

Tomorrow we head away on our 7 week trip around the UK, Iceland, Croatia and Turkey. I’ll be using all sorts of different techniques to shoot what I see. Follow our journey around these amazing places.

I’ll be looking at compressing and extending time in my imagery. For those attending my course on my return, check out the issues I face during the journey.

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