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We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.




Most Powerful Waterfall in Europe

This one’s a monster! 100 metres wide and 45 metres tall. If you click and enlage the image you may see a wee guy top left hand side of the image. Water flow rate is 193 cubic metres a second! It took a while to get this as the huge spray would often get caught in the wind and land on the camera lens, so I picked my click carefully.

It’s 1130pm in Iceland as I write this and it’s still very light. Getting up at 5am to shoot one of the most picturesque waterfalls in Iceland. 


Djúpivogur for the night

Djúpivogur is a lovely little fishing village with around 400 residents. Tomorrow we head north. Not sure exactly where but we’ll sort that out in the morning. The photograph shows the conditions at 10pm tonight. Very low nimbostratus cloud has covered the area and it’s very calm and quiet.


Leaving Landmannalaugar

It’s incredible the different landscapes you come across travelling through the Fjallabak Nature Reserve. One moment you’re on the moon, the next, the foreshore of a beautiful lake. In this case I got chatting with a local fisherman not having much luck on this body of water.


Vik to Höfn

We’ve just arrived in Höfn. It’s the first major town we’ve seen in a couple of days. On the way I captured another image of a waterfall. Tomorrow we head up the East Coast. Not exactly sure where we’ll end up but tomorrow we are due a sleep in.


Not photoshopped Landscape

Yip that’s right. We were on our way to Landmannalaugar (a nature reserve in South Iceland) yesterday, and came across this. Shell and I looked at each other and said that looks photoshopped. This was far from the truth. I’ve made a few changes but only a few and they are minor. So here’s the final product after stepping very lightly in photoshop.

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