Photographer's Brief - Clean Sharp Graphic Images
We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.




Extending and Compressing Time in Photography - Workshop

I’m busy preparing for a workshop which will take place at the Auckland Photographic Society on 5th September 2013. We’ll be looking at both ends of the time spectrum and learn how to shoot long exposures in broad daylight and timelapse photography with a twist.


Salt Lake

Our last couple of days in Turkey. This image was captured from out the window of the bus. The purple you see was the purple reflecting in the water, and the white is the salt on the edge of the lake. 


Balloon Power in Cappadocia

We had our first balloon flight today in Cappadocia, Turkey. One of the best experiences I’ve had in a long time. The pilot was fantastic and the conditions were perfect for the flight.


Konya Turkey

Today we travelled to Konya, the biggest city in Turkey. On the way we visited The Theatre of Aspendos. It’s the best preserved ancient theatre in Asia Minor and the most magnificent roman building of the province of Pamphylia. This image shows one of the side entrance areas.


Blue Mosque Istanbul

We were allowed into the Blue Mosque just prior to prayer so had very little time to take in the beauty and detail of the ceiling, this image shows the look and feel of the place. Truely stunning.