Photographer's Brief - Clean Sharp Graphic Images
We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.



Cover Image D-Photo Mag by Bret LucasPortrait Photography

Portrait Offer Form

Our studios have a dedicated space for portrait photography for individuals, families and extra large groups.

The studios are big and we never have a space issue regardless of group size.

The equipment and facilities available allow us to shoot a huge range of images from a standard portrait shoot to something a little more edgy.

The environment we’ve created is friendly and open, allowing us to get the true personality of people to flow.


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Portrait photography to me is exciting and very individual. We’re committed to our client/s walking away with fantastic images and a good feeling about the experience.

Bret is available for on location portrait photography also. 






Black and White Portrait - click to enlargeWe have all the knowledge and equipment to make stunning Colour and Black & White images to any size required.

Call or text Bret on 021576337 now and he’ll get back to you immediately.