Photographer's Brief - Clean Sharp Graphic Images
We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.




News and Latest Shoots


Shooting a VW Amarok

Recently I was commissioned to shoot a VW in studio for FCB New Zealand. (Art Director) Christian and I were on the same page from the outset. It made the day very fluid and easy. We ended up capturing a number of images and FCBs postproduction team built the final image. Very nice, good fun and a pleasure to work with such a professional team. The final image was comprised of around 17 images that were worked by pixelshop.




After spending a week in Rotorua shooting a video for Jucy Rentals we decided to head to Wanaka for a few days RnR. (captured with iPhone 6 plus)




Moving up to a larger UAV (drone) for Aerial Photography.

I’ve been filming and shooting stills with the DJI Phantom 3 for a while, but now it’s time to get my DSLR airborne with the DJI S1000 Premium. The smaller sensored camera attached to the Phantom 3 has been working a treat, but you can’t beat a full frame sensor.




Fun in the Studio Shooting for Jucy Rentals

My nephew Baden is a dab hand at assisting me in shooting the Jucy Fleet. And he keeps things interesting by acting a little mad when he sees I need a break. So in this group of images he decides to break into some weird moves while we set the scene for the final images.


Aerial Photography North Shore Hospital

The weather forecast for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations aren’t looking good at present. We are all set to go on photographing North Shore Hospital but will have to wait until conditions improve. 25kts at 400 feet is too much for the unit I’m using. Images to follow once conditions improve.