Photographer's Brief - Clean Sharp Graphic Images
We believe great photography is the art of presenting a unique visual perspective of people, environments and products, ultimately evoking an emotional response from its viewer.




News and Latest Shoots


Shooting for Artist Kirsty Nixon

I really love shooting Kirsty’s work. It’s sharp and vibrant and definately part of Kirsty’s lovely nature. 


Shooting for Jucy Campers

It’s been a while but always love shooting cars for Jucy. This one is of the latest vehicle. 




Shooting Portrait Images

I’m really enjoying shooting everyday portrait images at the moment and getting a whole new feel from using distance to subject to create the look I want, be it a compressed face shot from 4 metres or more away from the subject or something inside 1.5 metres. So what am i talking about? Many think it’s the lense that created distortion but put simply, it’s not. The lense has nothing to do with how the distortion in the subject matter occurs. Distance from camera to subject is the be all and end all. So when you want a realistic portrait image, shoot in the 1.5m-4m range. I favour around 2 metres to get the face to behave the way it does in real life. This image was captured with one speedlight behind to send the background to a very light grey and another in a small softbox up close camera right. 



Aerial Photography Panorama

I was recently commissioned to shoot various levels with the DJI S1000 at a possible building site. A 360 degree panorama was the way to do it. The UAV DJI S1000 has the ability to shoot a 360 degree panorama image with a click of a button. It’ll take 37 high quality images which can be stitched together in post. The S1000 aerial vehicle is controlled by two people, a pilot and camera operator. Here’s the final result.

Aerial Pano   


Shooting Art

Shooting copy work for Kirsty Nixon is closely associated with minimum depth of field photography. Part of her signature is to use literal focus in a lot of her work. It’s a refreshing style and I can connect with her work.